A Concept of Beauty

Physical appearance has been of great importance to many of the cultures in the world.

Conceptions of beauty vary according to the notions of the world that each group have, this as a product of their traditions and beliefs. What for some cultures it can be seen as something beautiful, for others, unknown or strange, can be seen as ugly.

Regardless of some differences in many cultures we could say that; what is shown on the outside is partly a reflection of what is inside.
In corporate language, the identity of an organization is how it looks and perceive itself to display for others, and the image is how this is seen for your audiences. Taking this to the personal level. The identity of us is how we feel, how we define, see and accept our-selfs; and the image, is how we put that identity in the body and in the wardrobe. Now, this is something that can be conscious or unconscious.
There is something that not many do consciously and that is when we detect that something inside is not quite right, the fact of making a change in the image, in the way we see ourselves through the mirror, helps us feel safer and happier.
This is why at Silhouettes & Curves we do not sell an ideal of beauty for our clients.