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It is the responsibility of the User to use and manage debit and credit cards and personal keys, the loss or theft must be reported to the entities with which said cards are handled and to the pertinent authorities, the transactions made from their account will be fully valid and Silhouettes and Curves is not responsible for the transactions that are made with your credit and debit cards that have been stolen or lost and transactions are made with these, will be considered valid.

All transactions made on the WEB page are subject to verification and confirmation by Silhouettes and Curves, of the respective bank entity and / or the means of payment chosen and, consequently, sales made through the WEB page are subject to verification by Silhouettes and Curves, the corresponding bank entity and / or the means of payment chosen. In case of fraud or possible fraud, if Silhouettes and Curves, the respective bank or means of payment detects or considers that the transaction is suspicious or presents inconsistencies or any other situation that at their discretion may result in possible fraud, the transaction it will be reversed and consequently the sales contract between the USER and Silhouettes and Curves will not be perfected. For the above, THE USER authorizes Silhouettes and Curves, the bank entity or the means of payment chosen for the transaction, to carry out the reversion of the same in any event of not confirming the transaction. "